Wisemans Ferry

Follow the winding road down to Wisemans Ferry and discover a charming and relaxed village with beautiful river vistas. The village offers accommodation, boutique shops and the Ferry Artists Gallery. Take the opportunity to picnic along the banks of the river, or even hire a boat, houseboat or kayak. Wisemans Ferry is the perfect place to catch a fish, meet up with friends and family or spend time on the river relaxing. There is a public boat ramp at Wisemans Ferry and two vehicular ferries that take the traffic and pedestrians across the river free of charge. Fishing is a popular pastime in this part of the river system as is water skiing in the summer months. Ski parks are dotted along this stretch of the river.

Wisemans Ferry is named after Solomon Wiseman who settled here after receiving a land grant from Governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1817.  He was responsible for the first ferry service in 1827, which served the farmers and settlers of the district. He is also the inspiration for The Secret River, a novel written by his great-great-great granddaughter Kate Grenville. The Wisemans Ferry Inn offers accommodation, meals and the Cobham Hall Museum that is open for a few hours on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. See the convict hand-hewed Sydney basin sandstone that was the original grand old residence of Solomon Wiseman, built in 1826. Cooked oyster shells form part of the mortar of the original sandstone walls. It's reputed to be haunted.

A must see attraction at Wisemans Ferry is the Great North Road. Originally running 240km to the Hunter Valley, it was constructed between 1826 and 1836. You can walk parts of the road today and there are opportunities to learn about the convicts who built it through tours and historic plays.

For the whole family: citrus fruits are available for picking and purchase in the winter months at two local farms. It's very popular. Wisemans Ferry Park includes walking tracks, electric and wood barbecues, picnic areas, children's playground, public toilets, kiosk and on-leash dogs are allowed. The park is located on the Hawkesbury River and is adjacent to the ferry. The trees in this park are spectacular in their autumn colours and offer cooling shade in summer.

Hawkins Lookout, on the Northern Road, before the descent into Wisemans Ferry, is a popular spot for photographers and the public alike for its stunning views of the river, the rugged bushland and for watching the ferry crossing the river, taking cars and visitors across the waters.