Wollemi National Park

Wollemi National Park www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/visit-a-park/parks/Wollemi-National-Park

Access to this National Park from the Hawkesbury area is via the northern side of Bells Line of Road west of Richmond, also off Comleroy Road, Kurrajong, as well as on the western side of Putty Road (Singleton Road) north of Windsor.

World Heritage listed Wollemi National Park is the second largest conservation reserve in NSW and covers an area over 487,500 hectares (200,000 hectares of this is the largest remaining wilderness area in NSW). The Hawkesbury has the privilege of being part of this World Heritage area. As well as being home to the famous Wollemi Pine this park is a natural wonderland offering spectacular scenery and a diversity of plant and animal life. The Colo River Valley, which is one of the largest sandstone canyons systems in Australia, runs through the park

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