Getting into Hawkesbury Trivia

Lockdowns are tedious, stressful, mind numbing but necessary.

So you've done all those jigsaws that haven't seen light of day since the 80's, you've walked the dog so many times even he is not getting excited about a jangling lead, you've realised everyone else on social really has nothing new to say and you're now getting excited about preparing your tax paperwork ....STOP we need a circuit breaker so lets change it up a bit with some Hawkesbury Trivia!

No word of a lie, all of these questions we have been asked at the Hawkesbury Visitor Information Centre over the years.  Some people really want to know these answers about our local area!

So start the quiz and make it a family challenge - and no cheating by Googling the answers - the real answers from our Visitor Information Centre staff are below.


Hawkesbury Trivia- do you know your local area?

1.What year did the Hawkesbury last have a major flood?
2.What do these suburbs have in common?  Randwick, Rosehill, Hawkesbury, Warwick Farm and Canterbury.
3.What do our local Aboriginal people know the Hawkesbury River as?
4.Name the four rivers that flow into the Hawkesbury River?
5.What annual event has the highest attendance in the Hawkesbury?
6.If you entered a Suri or Huacaya at the above event what would it be?
7.What was Windsor originally called by Europeans up until 1810 before being renamed to Windsor?
8. What was the name of the train that used to travel  from Richmond to Kurrajong? The line no-longer operates.
9.How many vehicle ferries cross the Hawkesbury River ?
10.What unique structure would you find near the start of the Burralow Firetrail at Bowen Mountain?
11.What is the population of the Hawkesbury Local Government area?
12.Which famous person flew into Richmond RAAF base in May 2011? The US President, the Pope or the Queen?
13.What is Australia's oldest timber slab cottage - it's  situated on its original site at Wilberforce?
14.In what decade was the Wollemi Pine rediscovered by the bushwalker and abseiler David Noble?
15.Which Hawkesbury suburb is home to the world class NSW Guide Dogs training centre?
16.In 1975 a new Fitzroy bridge was constructed over South Creek at Windsor.  What is partly concealed from our view?
17.Where in the Hawkesbury would I find the EucFACE Experiment?
18.In 2005 author Kate Grenville wrote a book to understand the history of her ancestor Solomon Wiseman who settled in the area of Wisemans Ferry. What was the book called?

19.The devastating 2019/2020 Gospers Mountain Fire had a significant and destructive impact on our communities, our wildlife and our bushland.  How long did the fire go for before being officially declared under control?

20.How many thousand tonnes of mushrooms are grown in the Hawkesbury each year?

21.How many first fleeters are buried  in the Cemetery of St Matthews Anglican Church at Windsor?
22.What local farmer, businesswomen and ex-convict is featured on the $20 Australian dollar note?

23.What important NSW government air service shares spare with the Airforce at the Richmond RAAF Base?

24.What year did the Hawkesbury host the World Cup Polo Championship?

25.How long  is the Colo River?  56km, 86km or 106km?





2.They all have a horse racetrack


4.Colo, Grose, Nepean, MacDonald

5.Hawkesbury Agricultural Show


7.Green Hills

8. The Pansy  -which used to carry passengers and pick up fruit and produce from the farms in the area.  It travelled from Kurrajong to Richmond and ran from 1926 to 1952.

9.Four - Sackville, Lower Portland, Webbs Creek and Wisemans Ferry

10.Crago Observatory which is run  by the Astronomical Society of NSW

11.It was estimated in 2020 there were 67749 people living in the Hawkesbury

12.It was the Pope.

13.Rose Cottage at Wilberforce - it's next to Australiana Pioneer Village.

14.the 1990's. 1994 in fact.


16.The historic Toll House built in 1835  to collect money from travellers to use the road - some things don't change!

17.Richmond - off Londonderry Road. EucFACE is designed to predict the effects of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide on Australia's native forests.

18.The Secret River

19.79 days - originally the fire began from a lightening strike in the remote centre of Wollemi National Park.

20.17000 tonnes are grown each year


22.Mary Reiby on the $20 note

23.The NSW RFS aerial firefighting fleet

24. It was back in 2017.  It was played at Richmond at the Sydney Polo Club.  Eight nations competed.

25.The Colo is 86km in length . The river starts over the ranges near Newnes and flows mostly through Wollemi National Park.