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Bushwalking close to home

Feel a million miles away with this local Hawkesbury walk

Cabbage Tree walk1

I'd been napping on a sandstone outcrop - the sun was streaming down, whip birds could be heard in distant Cabbage Tree Creek and I was alone.  This peaceful bushwalk was such a gift and only a few minutes from home.  During this Covid crisis my friends living closer to the city were complaining of overcrowded parks and competition for exercise space.  How lucky were we to have this backdrop at our doorstep.

Sometimes something special comes from a dire situation.  Earlier in January the Hawkesbury was threatened with catastrophic fires.  Anyone living in areas close to our bush were in a heightened state of alert.  It was a horrible, stressful time and the losses in our community were deep.  As the fire devastation subsided we were lucky to have parts of our bush untouched.

CabbageFor residents of Bowen Mountain the incredible work of the fire volunteers meant the main Gospers Creek didn't impact the community.  At the height of the fire emergency a new 'fire line' was cut from the southern end of Bowen Mountain to Cabbage Tree Creek.

A fire line is a basic rough track made so that fire fighters can get into bushy areas and light fires to start back burns against the main fire front.  Luckily this didn't have to be done but the upside is that we now have a lovely new bushwalking track to explore.

And the weather at the moment is superb for bushwalking - my favourite time of the year.

To get to the start of this short but delightful walk park your car at the end of Lieutenant Bowen Drive.

Let's get to the Point

Duration : allow 2 hours

Length of walk: 4km return

Difficulty: the walk uses a fire trail which is easy to follow however there is a steady climb back, there are no guard rails at any of the  lookouts so its not suitable for young kids, take water.

1. Park your car at the end of Lieutenant Bowen Mountain Drive, Bowen Mountain. Make sure you don't block the emergency services access gate.  Pass through the locked gate heading south.  After 100 metres the firetrail forks - take the trail to the left that goes down hill for about 700m.

2. As the track flattens out the firetrail forks again.  Take the minor left hand fork which soon starts to descend quickly through beautiful mature forest.  The right hand fork heads to Poets Rock lookout.

3. Follow the firetrail down for about 1 kilometre as it meanders through the bush.  As it begins to flatten out you'll start getting glimpses of the views to the east - see if you can spot the tall buildings of Parramatta and the city in the distance.

4.The firetrail follows a narrow ridge and ends in a rough turning circle.  Head along a rough track that heads south until you reach a rock outcrop with superb views over Cabbage Tree Creek and the Vale of Avoca  - it's only about 30 metres from the end of the firetrail.  The rock outcrop is a great spot to have a break and explore the rock formations.

5. Return the same way you came.